To be Honest, I Don’t Have it all Together

So, many people expect so much more of me than I am actually putting out. “Why aren’t your grades better?” “Why haven’t you figured out where you want to go to Grad School?” “Why do you keep missing this particular class?””Why are you tired all the time?”” Why do you have so much trouble sleeping?”In all honesty, I ask my self these questions all the time? It’s almost four-thirty in the morning, and I am exhausted. But I can’t sleep. My mind is turning and turning, and it creates all these different “what if scenarios”. Scenarios that in my life probably will never exist.  My grades aren’t that great because I can’t focus. No matter how hard I try, something else catches my attention. My motivation to get school related things done is basically non-existent. Why am I staying up late, and not being productive? Beats me. There are a billion things to be done in less than a month, and honestly, I have zero motivation to do them.  Of course, I have the intention to do them, but everything is good in theory. I have a year and a month of undergrad left, and I don’t have a clue about grad school. My GPA is on the borderline of me being able to be accepted into grad school. You think that might be enough motivation, but it’s not. My boyfriend basically has all of his grad school stuff figured out. It makes me feel like crap. I guess he is in a different part of his life, and has the time to devote to grad school stuff. I hope that I can get it all taken care of this summer. I also hope that I can gain the motivation to be able to be focused for school.  I miss classes because by the time I actually get to sleep it’s super late, and I am too exhausted to get up and go to class.  I think that I should visit the student health center to see if there is anything they can do to help me out. I see a cousenlor, but there is nothing she can do in order to help me with my lack of motivation. I guess I will eventually have all my life together, but at the moment, I am far from accomplishing that. Wish me luck because I really need to turn my life around.


Prince Charming Does exist….

We all know the cliche dream of finding prince charming. We find it so unrealistic that someone can be so perfect. Yeah, it can be if we try to find the prince charming of the medieval times. Honey, he doesn’t exist.  No matter how much we look, and set guidelines for what Mr. Right is supposed to be, we end up being let down.

How can this be so?!?!

Well, we set unrealistic expectations for what we want out of a man. We want him to be chivalrous all the time. We want him to be tall dark and handsome. We want him to sweep us off our feet. We want him to be wealthy. We want to be treated like a princess. We want him to dedicate his entire life to us because why shouldn’t he? Unfortunately, we put a lot of pressure on men to meet these goals.

Everyone’s Prince Charming is Different

I hate to state the obvious, but it’s true. No two people are one-hundred percent a alike. Therefore, everyone’s prince charming is different. However, we can look for a things that each prince charming should do for each woman.

Prince Charming Guidelines:

1. He needs to be respectful( especially towards you and those you love).

2. He needs to accept you for you are. He shouldn’t be petty about the flaws you have.

3. He needs to make you forget your flaws.

5. He needs to pursue his goals, thus inspiring you to pursue your goals.

6. He needs to be supportive of the decisions you make in your life.

7. He needs to make you feel important.

8. He needs to help you love yourself. (This one is very important to me).

9. He needs to be himself. He shouldn’t have to hide who he is to impress you.

10. Your happiness should be his happiness.

I found my Prince Charming, and I hope this helps you set realistic goals for your own prince charming.

Me and My love

Day 6

Day six’s challenge is to describe what band or musician is important to you.

Well, I like music a lot. As a result, I don’t have just one musician or band that is the most important to me.If I had to choose just one, I would probably choose Lee Ann Womack. This is only because of one song. This song is ” I Hope You Dance. This is the song that my mom dedicated to me,and it will always hold a very special place in my heart. I have posted the link to the song below.

I can show you the word: Day 5

So, today’s challenge is five places you want to visit. Well, this should be easy enough.

1. Spain: I speak spanish, and there is so much history.

2. Ireland: It’s really pretty.

3. Alaska: Whales and bears!

4. Austrailia: Kanagroos, the Great Barrier Reef, and P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Syndey!

5. England: Accents, the royal family, double decker buses, and Big Ben!

Day 4

Alright, So I missed two days of posting my blog. So, I failed at the thirty days in a row thing. However, I am going to pick up where I left off. So, here is day 4. 

Day Four’s Challenge: What’s the meaning behind your tumblr page?

Well, I don’t actually have a Tumblr. So, I will write about the meaning behind my Word Press blog name. I have actually wanted to write about this topic for a while, so I am glad it was in the challenge. As you can see, my blog is entitled “A Step into the Looking Glass”.  I will have to break the title down a bit in order to explain it. In the the UK( and more specifically England), it was used as a way to describe a mirror. However, it reference to my blog, it has a more metaphorical meaning. 

In my opinion, when one uses a mirror, the are comparing themselves to the standards set by their society. When looking in, one can see the differences that make them who they are. They learn that they are not a product of their society, and that they are there own unique individual. They can be whoever they want to be. Basically, the main theme is the whole “you can’t judge a book by its cover. 

The reason I chose this title for my blog is that in my experience, people have judged me externally without getting to know me. They never looked for the deeper meaning in the things that I do. The quickly make negative assumptions and turn the other way. So, when taking a step into the looking glass which bears my reflection, one can see that I much more than the mistakes I have made, the way I dress, how I wear my hair, the things I say. Often times, there are much deeper meanings behind my actions . I personally do not want to conform to the standards of society. Living life the same way as everyone else is boring. I need spontaneity in my life. I need adventure. Most importantly, I need faith in the fact that other people aren’t in control of who I am.

 Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for tomorrow. 



Numero 3

So, we have made it to day three, and I have been able to post every day so far. However, today was a close call. Have no fear followers, L. is here. You get to know all about today, because challenge number three is to describe your day in great detail. Normally,  I hate reading about peoples’ day. Especially if they aren’t exciting, like mine. Bear with me, followers.

Like any other day, I woke up. I went upstairs and plopped down on the couch to watch a little bit of television. Today’s main goal was to clean my car thoroughly inside and out. Due to the fact that I have leather seats in my car, I had to go get vinegar to make a solution that was suitable to use on leather seats. So, I embarked on a journey to Walmart. I got the vinegar, and went home. I then sat and watched some more television( which is weird because normally, I don’t watch a whole lot of TV). Then, I made a few phone calls to further my job search. I decided I was hungry and that Taco Bell sounded good. So, I went there, I ordered two bean burritos, a drink, and cinnamon twists. I took it home to eat. After eating, I started the long and hot process of cleaning my car. It was a high of almost ninety degrees Fahrenheit so I was sweating a lot. I vacuumed the car, shampooed the carpets, wiped down the dashboard and seats, washed the out side of the car, cleaned up the mess I made,and I then took the car for a joy ride in order to help remove the smell of vinegar. I went home made some more phone calls, and I applied a few more places. I ate subway for dinner,and returned to Walmart in search of some things. I came home, watched a little TV, and now I am here writing this post. Overall, my day was pretty uneventful.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the very exciting day four!!

Much Love,



Day 2 of Challenge: 10 likes and dislikes

Well, day two of this 30 day blog challenge is to give 10 likes and dislikes. I am really bad at giving my likes and dislikes, but I shall give it a shot. 


  1. Mexican Food: I used to live in southern California, and the Mexican food there was to die for. So, that’s one of my favorite things. 
  2. Wine: This is my go to adult beverage. 
  3. Mountain Dew: My go to non alcoholic beverage
  4. Reese Witherspoon movies: She is a phenomenal actress, and I kind of want to be her when I grow up. 
  5. Colorguard: It has been a part of my life for the last 7 years, and I would be lost without it. 
  6. Sleeping: I need all the beauty sleep that I can get. 
  7. Dancing: frat parties, my room, walking down the street, anywhere, really.
  8. Joe’s Crab Shack: My favorite seafood restaurant 
  9. Driving at night: There is just something relaxing about it. 
  10. Family time: I absolutely love spending time with my family. 


  1. Cold weather: I hate it so much! I don’t think that there are words to describe how much I hate the cold.
  2. Drama: Leave me out of it please.
  3. Wearing shoes: I wear them because I have to, but I would rather not. 
  4. Rude people: pretty self explanatory 
  5. My weight: Typical girl thing, right?
  6. Oral surgery: I have had way too much of it in my life. 
  7. Crowds: I get a little claustrophobic. 
  8. Black birds:long story
  9. Shelled plants: any type of nuts, sunflower seeds, etc..
  10. Being alone: I may not like large crowds, but I want at least somebody there.

Well, these are probably pretty lame, but I guess it’s me. I hope you enjoyed this. Make sure to come back tomorrow for day three! 🙂